Funerals are a tribute to a life that has been lived and has come to an end. In life people are not all the same, each unique in their own way. Funeral services thus are tailored to honor the deceased while taking into consideration cultural, ethnic and religious traditions, personal preferences, and cost concerns. Our funeral home is dedicated to serving families of all faiths and races. We are available to speak with 24 hours a day, every day.

Traditional Service

This would include a viewing or a visitation, either in the funeral home, a church,or any other place of worship, a funeral ceremony either in the funeral home, a church, at the gravesite, or in any other place of worship, and then procession to either a cemetery or mausoleum for interment or entombment of the deceased.

Traditional with Cremation Service

This would include the same services involved in a traditional funeral (viewing/visitation and a ceremony) with the exception of a procession to the cemetery or mausoleum. In this instance, after the funeral ceremony, the deceased is taken to the crematory and the cremated remains are eventually given back to the family. Some families choose to keep the ashes, bury them in a cemetery, or entomb them in a mausoleum.

 Cremation with Memorial Service

The cremation takes place first and at a later date a visitation is arranged in the funeral home where relatives and friends may visit with the family. The cremated remains are usually present in an urn. Flowers, pictures, a tribute video, prayer cards, and a register book are on display. There is a ceremony, usually by clergy, afterwhich the service concludes. This service can also be arranged to take place at the gravesite in a cemetery or mausoleum.


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